Dirilis-Ertugrul (Ertugrul Ghazi)

Dirilis Ertugrul (Ertugrul Ghazi): Turkish TV Drama Enthralling Pakistan

The Turkish historical TV drama Dirilis Ertugrul (Ertugrul Ghazi) has been all the trend in Pakistan because the state broadcaster PTV started airing a dubbed show in April.

The show’s immense recognition has polarised opinion in Pakistan. Some feel it’s a risk to local tradition and promotes violence, whereas others applaud it for glorifying Muslim heroes.

However, it’s not simply celebrities and analysts who’re commenting on the show – the nation’s politicians are additionally actively concerned within the debate.

It isn’t the first Turkish drama to have to develop into in style in Pakistan. However, what’s completely different about Ertugrul – typically described as the Muslim Game of Thrones – is that it is being promoted by Prime Minister Imran Khan, for causes regarded as each personal and political.

Counter-Narrative in Opposition to ‘Islamophobia’?

Mr. Imran Khan is, arguably, one of the primary explanations why this international series is creating waves in Pakistan.

He not solely beneficial the show and instructed PTV to air it; however, he claimed the show would assist Pakistan in perceiving the importance of Islamic civilization.

After his remarks about the historical series – which is being broadcast as Ertugrul Ghazi in the Urdu Language – has been breaking records for viewing figures in Pakistan.

Critics imagine Prime Minister Mr. Khan has backed the show as a result of the concerns to its publicity because of Islamic values, and it sounds along with his purpose of building Pakistan as a perfect Islamic society.

Since he turned Prime Minister, Mr. Khan has been saying he wished “to create a Pakistan which is according to the primary Muslim society created by Prophet Muhammad in Medina.”

However, it appears to be higher than only a matter of personal curiosity.

In September 2019, Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Imran Khan, with Turkish President Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Mahathir Mohammed, floated the idea of launching a TV channel to create a counter-narrative in opposition to what they referred to as rising Islamophobia.

Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated the TV show for “becoming into the nation’s heart” at an award ceremony in Turkey in November 2016. By promoting the show, Prime Minister Imran Khan “was additionally most likely trying to achieve political factors in Turkey, a country with which Pakistan is strengthening its partnership.

However, the Pakistani Prime Minister has been facing some criticism at the country for fully backing up the show.

‘Rightly Glorifies’ Muslim Values

This popular TV show Dirilis Ertugrul based on the life of the 13th century Oghuz Turk Muslim, who is Kayi Tribe leader (Bey) Ertugrul, and the father of Usman Ghazi, he is known as the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

It describes the fearlessness of Muslim Oghuz Turks combating the Mongol invaders, Christians, Byzantines, and the Knights Templar in Anatolia.

Muslims have been mainly proven “via the gaze of negativity” in TV series and movies; therefore, the TV show indicates a welcome change, critics say.

Turkish media have additionally noted the recognition of the drama in Pakistan.

Comparisons with ‘Lifeless Home Points’

Some feel the absence of high-quality content material in Pakistani TV series is one of the primary reasons for the international drama’s huge recognition.

Pakistani producers are considering disturbed by the Turkish series, and various individuals, including Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry, the concern that international imports will, in the end, hurt the local entertainment business.


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