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iPhone SE 2020: A Complete Review (Specs, Features & Price)

What a user looks in an iPhone? Battery life & camera quality but there is a list of other features and specs mostly a user puts down, i.e. screen quality, speed, size, extra cameras and more.

But the most important things that are not from the specifications, but a user is looking for in an iPhone are iMessage, FaceTime, a list of other great apps and more.

A good news for the users that Apple has started an old idea and has released another model of iPhone SE that will cost only $399, its storage capacity is 64GB. It will be very easy for those people who want to buy a brand new iPhone for less than $700. Previously all other iPhone models were costing almost more than $700.

iPhone SE 2020
Apple iPhone SE (64GB)

Good aspects of this phone are that it has a good battery life, camera result is good and that the user will be getting software updates for many upcoming years.

Bad aspects of this phone are that it has a tired old design with big bezels, a small screen with compared to every other phone and has low-light noisy photos.

If any apple user has previously used any of apple phones like iPhone-6,7 or 8, he should already know about the basic shape of this upcoming iPhone SE 2020. iPhone SE has 4.7 inch screen and a big round home button at the bottom as well with the option of finger print sensor in it and the corners and edges of this phone are nicely curved as well.

This designed looks tired and boring in 2020,  comparatively there are many android phones available in the market at this time that have reduced the bezels in their phones. It means if there are smaller bezels then you can fit a big screen in a smaller body of phone. These bezels are bothering but not the build quality. Apple’s long history with this design means that they are comfortable with it. The LCD display of 4.7 inch is as good as it was ever and with the True Tone feature which is to help the user for color-match with his surroundings.

There is no physical home button in it as it was in iPhone 7 & 8.It has the IP67 water resistant feature in it too but it is suggested that do not leave it in water for long. For wireless charging option it has the glass on back too. These both are the good features in this price at the moment.

The last thing about hardware that it has not the headphone jack option in it, most of the android phones still offer headphone jack option in their phones. The box of this phone includes EarPods in it. The box also includes Apple’s standard 5W phone charger. iPhone SE supports fast charging but the charger in the box is not the fast charger.

Now discussing its features, there are two upgrade features in iPhone SE, its processor and the camera. The process A13 bionic in it is the same processor which is also used in iPhone 11 Pro. This is the fastest processor in the smartphones industry at the moment so we can say that iPhone SE is having a fastest processor in it at this time. It is important because due to this iPhone SE Operating System will be getting updates in many upcoming years as well. Many of the smart phones (cheapest or expensive) usually get updates of OS for two years, Google’s pixel line phones gets updates for three years at the moment. So in this price of $399 it is the phone with this processor which will get updates for many upcoming years. A user should keep these type of things in his mind before making any decision to purchase any product. iPhone SE has the same battery size as it was in iPhone 8.

iPhone SE 2020 has 12MP camera fixed on the back side of the phone and a selfie camera of 7MP on front side.

In this price range the camera specs and features looks good because if you look at the phones available in the market between the price range of $400 to $1000, these specs seems absolutely perfect. The result of its cameras is perfect but if you use it in bright light it gives you more better results.

But there is a disappointment as well when you use it in low light, there is no night mode feature in iPhone SE 2020 and that’s why the result of the picture will be much noisy. We know that in very low light there should be night mode feature in our phone but if it is not, then we know what would be the result.

Video quality of this phone is perfect in this price range phones, as compared to the android phones available in this price range in the market.

In my opinion, if you are moving to iPhone SE 2020 from any iPhone which is Older than XR or from Original SE 2016, iPhone 6 or 6S, you will feel the huge difference and improvement in it.

Experts of this industry think that there is a huge demand of Apple phones in the second hand phone markets, many people can’t afford to buy new Apple phones, they buy old apple phones but this iPhone SE 2020 launch will attract those people to buy new iPhone.

Apple is going to launch this phone in United States of America on 24th of April 2020.

We can say that it has the most of the features of iPhone 11 in very economical price.

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