Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips

Top 5 Instagram Marketing Tips for 2021

Over the period, Instagram has developed and is advancing to expand its boundaries.

With above 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most broadly used social media apps. 75.3% of businesses in the US use Instagram marketing to promote their business.

What is an Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Instagram marketing tactics are a set of intentions, activities, and methods specified by businesses to adopt Instagram as a social network to fulfill their marketing and business plans. 

An Instagram marketing approach is a segment of social media marketing and is regulated to its aims and methods. The massive outreach achievable by the social media platform has transformed the dynamics of social media marketing for businesses. More than 25 million businesses already have an Instagram account, and they utilize it as a way to boost their brand, products, or services, and enhance engagement.

The competition on the Instagram platform is vast, and marketers are competing with their opponents by generating content that is more creative, authoritative, and relatable. Some general aims that marketers desire to get through Instagram are to strengthen a community, boost the brand experience, create leads, facilitate conversions, and improve customer service.

A perfect process of obtaining these goals is to get a business profile and post related and exciting content on your Instagram feed like Instagram stories to build followers and create engagements with likes, comments, direct messages, and contact sections.

Initially, Instagram takes a start as a photo-sharing social network, but it has become the primary source of leads and profits for various businesses. With an efficient approach and its performance, Instagram can help you build an engaging community that can ensure refined brand identification, audience engagement, lead generation, and business growth.

Instagram provides businesses to increase followers with both organic and paid techniques. But sharing relevant, unique, and attractive content is concerned the most on this progressive platform.

Let’s look at the top Instagram marketing tips, which will help you get to the maximum advantage from Instagram for your business.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Instagram bio is a short field under your username in your profile that manages to give information regarding your brand and the content you mean to share. This area usually holds the name of your brand, product or service description, and contact details.

Instagram also provides you the option to add a URL of your website in your profile bio. Your bio is the initial thing that users will see on your Instagram profile. It would help if you built a bio that is informative, captivating, and engaging. Make sure to engage users with your Instagram bio.

In your Instagram bio, share a precise and brief summary of your brand or product. Also, add a line or two about the content that you plan to market on your page. Make your profile more relatable and enjoyable; use emojis with your content. 

Lastly, include a proper URL where you need to push the traffic– it can be your website home, blog, or the product page. Also, make sure to apply a trackable link to analyze the traffic from your Instagram page.

Plan a Content Schedule for Instagram

A significant step toward getting the highest output from Instagram as a social media network is to stay consistent in publishing content. So, having a content schedule in point encourages marketers to manage their posting schedule on the right path. It provides them a progressive plan and automates posting when their audience is most active. Your Instagram content plan must have the necessary fields of content type, caption, hashtags, graphic or video link, and the day, date, and posting time. Organize your content at least two weeks onward of time to make your schedule manageable for modifications.

To keep your viewers interested, use the right type of content and forms in your lists, such as pictures, videos, quotes, memes, and infographics. A content schedule will also help you quickly access your old posts if you want to republish your earlier content.

Experiment with Curated Content

Staying inventive and captivating with your content can sometimes convert exhausting for marketers. Marketers have adopted content curation as an exit from being unchanged and repetitive. A similar concept applies to Instagram marketing, where you pick appropriate sections of content that you consider will please your followers and give the content your voice.

Curated content is a fabulous way to fill in the spaces in your content table, where you could not apply anything else. It also has its advantages, like networking with fellow profiles, branding yourself as an industry specialist, uniting with influencers, and being refreshed on Instagram trends.

A perfect way to organize a curation procedure is to follow related profiles sharing content that is related to your audience. Recognize the content you want to repost, use a caption that expresses your intention to share this curated post, and boost your brand. Also, don’t forget to tag the original content creator and provide proper credits where expected.

Include Relevant Hashtags

Hashtag plays a vital role in Instagram. Instagram provides a content search on its explore tab based on the hashtag search query. Instagram algorithms use hashtags to create content ideas for users to help and find interest-based Instagram accounts.

Instagram posts in which use hashtags get a 12.6% improvement in engagement than other posts. 

With the growing competition of Instagram marketers, hashtags have also grown more skilled. Instagram provides you the option to use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. 

Marketing experts recommend that the optimal number of hashtags to use per post is 11. Also, avoid using popular hashtags. Make a hashtag approach with a balanced combination of trendy hashtags, industry-relevant hashtags, self-made hashtags, and low search amount hashtags.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories feature has one of the most active engagements above all social media platforms. It is an important marketing tool for brands to connect, influence, and engage with the audience.

An Instagram story is a small video clip or a picture with gifs, a link, and text that your followers can see quickly from the top of their app.

You can utilize Instagram stories to boost your content and interact with your audience in different ways.


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